TelEvolution, Inc.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

TelEvolution has developed a platform for the provisioning and delivery of Voice 2.0 Voice over IP (VoIP) services. Our unique design breaks up the telephony experience into atomic components called Service Elements, which can then be re-mixed in innovative ways to produce new user experiences. All TelEvolution services are themselves assembled from the service element building blocks.

TelEvolution offers intellectual property for license, including U.S. Patent 7,701,883 - Telephone number binding in a voice-over-internet system available for immediate purchase and/or license.

TelEvolution Portfolio Brands

PhoneGnome is the essential telephone add-on that seamlessly and simply blends Internet calling and cool new features with your existing phone service, whether traditional land-line, Cable phone service, a VoIP phone service, or a service like ooma or MagicJack.

  • Softphone and Open SIP Credentials for your existing landline, Cable, or VOIP service.
  • Easy Free SIP Calls and Cheap VoIP Calling without a second line or second phone.
  • Mobile phone interface for your existing landline, Cable, or VOIP service.
  • Telemarketing Screening and Do Not Disturb Family-time features.
  • Voicemail to email and more for your existing phone number.
  • Missed call notifications to your mobile phone.
  • Call recording, for incoming and outgoing calls, automatically, or on-demand - download as WAV files to your PC.
  • All with No Monthly Fees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Low One-time Price $99.99

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Voovox offers affordable self-service Voice-over-IP services for end-users and businesses.

Voovox Voice over IP (VoIP) communication services include: A-Z Termination, Virtual Calling Card, Hosted PBX, Callback, Personal Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Conferencing, and SMS services.

  • Low cost international and domestic rates;
  • Reliable customer service;
  • World class network infrastructure;
  • Fully self-service, easy to use web-based account and service management;
  • Ability to make simultaneous calls through your account;
  • Rapid activation & recharge;
  • Pin-less accounts for pre-paid cards or home/office service;
  • Local access numbers in many countries;
  • Pay online using Paypal;
  • NO connection fees;
  • NO monthly management fees;
  • NO minimum usage!
  • IAX2 / SIP protocol supported;
  • Optional sub-accounts / maser-accounts for small-medium businesses.

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Social Media Projects is a Twitter app that makes it astonishingly easy to publish rich content to the new real-time social web. Quickly and easily publish updates longer than 140 characters, including images, with rich formatting, attractive themes, comment threads, optionally grouped by Twitter hashtag and automatically optimized for mobile devices.

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ZinQ Question & Answers for Twitter. While difficult questions usually fit into 140 characters, comprehensive answers to such questions often do not. Become influential by helping key people, one at a time. Focus on your business, career, hobby, or any interest to establish and grow your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

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